Print is Precious

Print is precious

Whilst the wheels of change have seen clients come to us for online communications first and oh, maybe something printed later, we are still advocates of the printed medium, we still think print is precious. But how does it fit into today’s marketing mix and is it still relevant?

Benzina 12 Cover - Print is precious

For us the answer is that print must be precious. The typographic layout must be special, the imagery engaging and the touch, ah the touch, must feel good. And can you smell the ink… that maybe getting a bit weird, but try it with your ipad, go on – see – rubbish!

Benzina 12 MORBIDELLI - Print is precious

When we became involved with Benzina magazine, the basic criteria was to ask ourselves what can we offer that you couldn’t get online. Therefore our choice of paper stock, binding and dramatic page layouts would hopefully prise the £9 cover price out of tight wallets. So far so good, but what’s interesting, is that for a niche magazine, the sales have been split between the UK and globally, including Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, most of Europe including Slovenia.

Benzina 12 Back to Classics - Print is precious

So what’s interesting for us is that for a project with a modest readership and production budget, it can still have a global reach by the use of the internet, good old FB and constant content blogging.

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