Shaun Power Design at
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Super Hero Club promotional poster used throughout their week at the Fringe Festival

When newbie comedy team ‘The Superhero Club’ asked us to produce promotional material for their new show at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we immediately dashed into the nearest phone box, changed into our skin-tight lycra, ready to design their brand – super-fast! Being the Edinburgh Fringe (the career launch pad for many a famous face), the design budget was small (as it’s mostly spent on beer and beans), but we boldly rose to the challenge.

Image showing the SHC team in full supermen outfits while on the promotional trail

Working late hours in our Batcave, we created the distinctive look for the brand and applied it across various media. Firstly a responsive website that functions across all devices: mobile, tablet and desktop. As most fringe goers will be visitors accessing information on-the-go, we designed the website with a ‘mobile-first’ approach, ensuring important information about show times and venues was easily and quickly accessible. The more in-depth pages about the cast, blog etc. were on separate pages.

The design was also applied to the all-important flyers and posters for street promotional activity. So if you’re in Edinburgh and a bright young thing thrusts a Superhero Club flyer into your hand – you’ll know they’re on the side of freedom and justice!

Read more about this project on our site here or here to view the site

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