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This project included both app design and branding for MakeWeight asked us to design an online weight management app for fighters. The idea was the brainchild of Kyran and Luke: a professional boxer and 6ft-plus personal trainer. Their goal was to offer professional fighters an easy-to-follow programme whereby users could manage their weight and nutrition ahead of an event, to ensure they achieved their target weight.

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App Design for MakeWeight

Our starting point was to design the branding for MakeWeight. Both Kyran and Luke had a well-planned vision for where they wanted the brand to be and were they wanted it to go, so we were given a very robust and well-executed brief to work from. We needed a logo that was adaptable and futureproof – a bespoke logo that looked slick on an app and yet could equally adapt to a monogram embroidered on sock or T-shirt. So we developed and its accompanying ‘MW’ monogram.

The colour scheme was inspired by the red and blue corners of a boxing ring. The typography was hand-drawn and deliberately clean and simple. Accompanying imagery was moody and with black and white shots of muscle-toned figures – with no particular leaning to boxing, but fitness/ fighting in general. This app design is for both men and women, and inclusive of all combat sports.

Although we are website developers ourselves, on this occasion we collaborated with team of app developers, who worked from our designs to build each page of the app. The app was designed to be responsive, working on mobile, tablet and desktop screens. This was particularly important, as the app needed to be accessible on-the-go, so designing for mobile phone usability was very important.

As you can imagine, when your client consists of a professional boxer and super-sized fitness instructor, it’s important you don’t screw up! Fortunately, the guys liked both the branding and the app design, and received some very positive feedback from trainers and fighters they showed it to. According to Kyran everyone thought is was ‘Sick’, which apparently is a good thing. (I’m clearly getting old!)

Project Completed Jan 2016