Aspall Cyderkyn


Cyderkyn was a style of cyder common in the Ale Houses of 17th, 18th and 19th century England. Aspall’s Cyderkyn is a recreation of such a style, consumed in Suffolk since 1728. Our design for the pump clip reflects the traditional occasion for the consumption of this drink. The imagery features a tongue-in-cheek illustration of a portly ale house landlady carrying a tray of traditional cyderkyn.

As with many of our projects, the illustration was produced in-house. It is a pen and ink based illustration imported into Photoshop where colouring and additional textures were applied. At Shaun Power Design we love to combine traditional craft skills with digital technology.

Design for Cyderkyn Pump Clip

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Over the years we have produced many project for the the drinks sector, including in particular many projects for Aspall: the Aspall branding, Aspall Festival of Britten Cyder and The Chevallier Brewing Co. branding

More locally, we have produced the website and branding for Blue Otter Wines, as well as this creative website for Elite Bar Events.

Project Completed November 2013