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Blog Website for Teachers’ Club

When Smart Learning approached us to design a blog website to help drive traffic to their main site, we were really excited. Our brief was to create a blog for teachers that contained useful resources and information – it was to be called Teachers’ Club. The site would be highly visible to search engines with lots of social networking and sharing. It should be easy for teachers to find relevant content and then, in turn, drive traffic to their main Magento e-commerce website. The site would also need to be optimised to work on all device types and target specific subject areas relevant to UK schools.

Website for Teachers

Regular content would be added to the blog by Smart Learning, written by leading authors in their specialist subjects. This would make this site an invaluable resource for all teachers to come back to again and again. Smart Learning also wanted some content to be restricted so that users had to sign up first (for free), this would allow them to market to interested parties in future. We set about building the site using WordPress (our favourite CMS) which would be perfect for building a content-rich blog website.

Blog Banner
Blog Banner

Each area of the site has been designed to have subject specific colouring to distinguish it from the rest, with its own branding,  the look was a progression on the work we had carried out for the for the main Smart Learning Branding.  See more here. Teachers will only be interested in their own subject discipline,  so it was important to make each area identifiable.

Block from Blog

Bog Website Feed

Each subject has a homepage built up of blocks, showing the latest article from the various content / topic types and with subject specific twitter feeds. Smart Learning could easily decide on what blocks and order of blocks they wanted to show, whether it was a blog post, product promotion image, upcoming webinars or other types of content. One of the main aims for the homepage was that it had to be adaptable and easily updated by the Smart Learning team, rather than needing to ask a developer to make changes all the time. Each blog post has a set of controls for Smart Learning to use. They can restrict posts so only signed up users can view them; also add subject specific promotional adverts to posts.

All the posts have been organised into logical content types and topics, so users can easily find subject related info they are interested in, as well as advanced search facilities.

Project Completed May 2014