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Rosa's Thai Cafe Website Design

The restaurant and café industry is a fast-growing business sector; when we started working with Rosa’s, they had 4 restaurants around London, now they have 10! The brief for this rebuild was to make the website design more engaging to users, with relevant content that goes beyond just basic location and menu info – something more than your typical cafe website design.

Rosa’s has a charming history. From Thailand, through Hong Kong, to London, the Rosa’s story is exciting and vibrant. We wanted this site to allow customers to really engage and connect with Rosa’s, understand their food sustainability ethos, try their recipes, and find out about their local suppliers.

Tablet device showing website homepage

Close up of stir fry pork and vegetables in a wok

Careers page from website

Photograph of Manager

Lunch menu page from website

Ask Saiphin button detail from website

So what makes this cafe website design different?

The Site’s Structure

One of the website’s strengths is the way the home page offers a clear overview of the site’s content without the user even needing to scroll. It’s a quirky ‘dashboard’ with bold, but delicately designed links leading the user in. Section blocks, stats and an Instagram social feed, engage to user straight off the bat. We also programmed the site so that the client could change any of the blocks on the home page as required. The ability to change pictures, text and links gives the client great flexibility.

Dynamic Online Menus

The menus section has also had an interesting update. The old site had links to PDF menus, which don’t work well on mobiles, as they are too small and pretty much illegible. The new site has dynamic online menus, with a layout that adapts to any device: mobile tablet and desktop. Perfect for people on the move looking at the site on their mobile. The added advantage is that the client can easily update the menu, in the CMS.

The Flexibility of WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

Another request from the client was they wanted to be more self-sufficient in updating the website and adding new cafe locations, more recipes and updating menus. We build all our websites using WordPress content management system, which provides a simple platform where users can edit content easily.

A new addition to this version of the café website is the Recipe section. This is a great way to generate traffic to the site, with users coming back regularly for new ideas. There is also a search functionality to find recipes, categories to narrow down searches and a recipe generator that takes the user to a different random recipe each time they click.


Imagery is vital to express the charm and individuality of Rosa’s, from their food to the eccentricities of their café interiors, everything is entrenched within their Asian roots. The beautiful video sequence used on the homepage perfectly captures this sets the scene for the inspiring journey through the rest of the site.

How we optimised video within the website

Video can often make a slow a site down as it takes up a lot of bandwidth. We optimised the video to make it smaller, and delivered it through Cloudflare  CDN (Content Deliver Network). This system is a network of servers that deliver content based on a user’s location. This speeds up the delivery of content for high-traffic or global websites, allowing pages to render as fast and efficiently as possible whatever device the user is surfing from.

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Project completed April 2017