Our latest creative branding project local band OP21, gave us the freedom to develop a logo and website without any commercial constraints. The band are somewhat of an enigma and our job was the ensure their branding reflected this. They wanted something creative yet simple – in their words ‘a logo, but with a bit of a twist’! They also told us that their music spanned a variety of different styles. Our challenge, therefore, was to create a branding identity that would sit comfortably with their current album, as well as their future albums – whatever the style may be.

OP21 Branding Design
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The Website

The band wanted to use their website for connecting with their fans, sharing their music for free and spreading the word about up-coming gigs and news. The site needed to have a unique look, making it memorable to fans and easy for them to get to the most important content: immediate access to free songs and gigs dates. The band stipulated in the brief their audience was primarily young people who would be mainly accessing the site from mobile and tablet devices. The music industry has changed a lot since records and CDs, the band’s fans want instant access to content, so this site had to be optimized for the digital revolution. We chose to make the site website more like a web app, rather than a standard site. This release is phase 1 of the website, to give the band a much needed web presence. But this is only the beginning. We are now working on building a fully-fledge interactive experience, which will be released later in the year. You can find out more about our website design services here.

The Branding

We decided simplicity was key to this project: a simple yet memorable logo that would remain constant across all material, with a striking background that could change depending on the album theme. We developed the logo by designing our own typeface, creating a unique font that appeared simple on the surface, but had some interesting twists and folds. We wanted to combine the typography with equally intriguing imagery, so we used some stunning urban shots by talented photographer Sarah Lucy Brown. You can find out more about our creative branding services here.

Project Completed January 2014