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Lover’s Rock is an ecommerce website that sells hand-crafted diamond rings and loose diamonds on line. Branding and website design was pivotal to this project, the company’s on-line presence had to fit a certain criteria: young, quirky, premium, but not exclusive. Unlike other on-line shopping sites selling jewelry, Lover’s Rock, had to stand out from the crowd with a clear and strong personality – a design that’s edgy, hip and, above all, memorable.

Shopping Site Homepage
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Wedding Car Taken from Website

Ecommerce Page from Website

Shopping Page for Ecommerce Site

The Design

We took the original Lover’s Rock logo, made minor tweaks to the typography to make it more legible and then turned our attention to how it would sit within the website itself. Imagery was very important in creating the online brand. We had to use stock photography and initially we though that this would prove a problem, however, with careful searching and selecting, we managed to compile a portfolio of images that fitted the brand’s criteria perfectly. We carefully selected shots that were a bit ‘left of centre’, avoiding anything soppy, twee or obvious – no ‘Mills and Boon’ nonsense for this site!

Although the original images were okay in terms of content, we did a fair amount of Photoshop work to enhance their depth of colour and contrast. This enabled us to make the final images consistent and ‘on-brand’ – attention to detail is everything!

The website build

The ecommerce website build was complicated, comprising WordPress and WooCommerce. The unique idea of the site is that customers can choose their preferred ring and add then select the diamond cut of their choice. They can select from categories of engagement, wedding and eternity rings and then overlay a choice of styles such as vintage, cluster or halo etc. Clever stuff that’s really ground breaking for jewellery shopping sites.

To enhance the shopping experience for customers, the site has many pages dedicated to education, containing simplified and concise diamond education guides, providing key information needed to choose the right diamond for customers and their loved ones.

From a design and build perspective, this meant creating a series of templates to allow for a portfolio of pages with different uses. Selling, education, blog etc. All easily achievable within using WordPress and WooCommerce, the end result being pages that the client could easily edit.

Along with the ecommerce website, we also produced other marketing collateral including, business cards and online brochures that were downloadable from the website.

Project Completed March 2015