Events 4 Healthcare Branding and Website

The brief for Events 4 Healthcare logo: “No imagery that suggests events, no imagery to do with healthcare – oh, and don’t make a big thing about the 4!”. Umm…! Okay, so we might be exaggerating a little, but the team at Events 4 Healthcare did ask us to avoid using any imagery connected to ‘events’ or ‘healthcare’. So what did we have to go on? Well the client wanted to their branding to differentiate the four core areas of their business: medical education, digital, partnerships and events. A colour for each area perhaps? And therein lay the solution; we would choose a coloured tint for each business area and bring them together to form the background to their logo.

Image of logo
Monogram for Events 4 Healthcare

We were also asked to produce a monogram for ‘E4H’ that would bold and recognisable – something that would work well on a badge. The typography is derived from an existing font, but we tweaked it and honed it into a hand-drawn unique logo. The result: a clean and simple, bespoke logo that translates well into the E4H monogram.

Image of stage 1 of logo desiign
Stage 2 of logo design process
Stage 3 of logo
Image of monogram
IImage of Website for E4H

The Website

The Events 4 Heathcare website is aimed at doctors, healthcare professionals, so the design needed to be clean, simple and professional. The old website was considered too complicated, so we thought a one-page site would be the best way to go, with a separate page for the events calendar.

For the design, we used the bold colours from the branding to section off each area of the business. We kept the layout clean, but used tint graphics to soften the look. Features include a feed from the calendar highlighting the top 5 events on the homepage and the ability for the user to sort the events into date, location and event type on the .

Their previous website did not have a content management system, so it could only be updated by someone with coding skills. The new site uses a WordPress content management system, which is easy to use and requires no coding knowledge, thus giving the team more flexibility allowing any member to add/edit content as required.

The E4H team were a great team to work with and are pleased they are happy with the results for both their logo and website.

Project Completed April 2015