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Instanda produce leading SaaS insurance software. They wanted to break away from the typical style of websites seen within the insurance market, and have something much bolder with more visual appeal. They wanted to pitch themselves as pioneers within their field — leaders, not followers. With this in mind, the design of the new site needed to be more than just eye-catching, it had to push the boundaries in both its design and its development.

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What We Did

Research Stage
Instanda already had a clear vision of where they wanted their new site to be. Along with a concise brief, they were able to supply a first draft of copy. And indeed, the copy was going to be the hero of this website. Creative, inspiring and beautifully written, the words were to take centre stage — our job was to create a design that would make them shine.

Site Map and Project Management
This site is relatively small, but even so, we had to be careful to ensure the user’s journey was clear and intuitive. Each page has a link at the bottom to take the user to the next, as well as a repeat bank of buttons where they can access the rest of the site.

Design Stage
Bold and bright is the essence of the design. We created a ballsy’ colour palette that really punched out in RGB. We also ensured that some of these colours would produce well in CMYK, so that any printed marketing collateral would still deliver our colourful theme.

We made some design tweaks to the Instanda logo, refining some of the characters and making the last character bright green and blue.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Optimising such creative writing was a challenge. To simply shoe-horn key words into H1 and H2 titles, would have ruined the flow of the text. So we had to take a view on where and how we used them.

For this reason many of the urls are different to their page title, for example, the ‘Tell Me More’ page url is
Insurance broker software may not be in any H1s or H2s, but at least it;s in the url, meta data and alt tags.

The Result

The result was a new website that effectively re-branded Instanda, positioning them as fearless innovators, who have style and creativity. Bold, full-screen coloured backgrounds provide a memorable heading to each page. The website is engaging with subtle, graceful movements and effects. We’ve really paid attention to every last detail. The text gently fades onto the screen as you scroll down each page. The same effect is used for the menu. Directional arrows with pulsating dots, prompt you on your journey through the site. The ‘Make a wish’ section on the home page comes to life with a shimmering effect, created by changing the opacity of the coloured triangles. Parallax effects and graphic animations also move as you scroll.

Project Completed December 2015