JMH Logo Design

The brief for this project was to create a logo design that was simple, yet professional. JMH is small business, specialising in mediation and counselling. The nature of the business means that the branding should convey a sense of calm – something subtle and understated.

Dialogue is at the heart of mediation and counselling, and was therefore the seed of our design for the logo. Using punctuation marks and symbols, we built a tree of speech bubbles, question marks, love hearts etc. creating a simple and bespoke design. The pastel colour palette of grey and lilac also gave a sense softness and tranquility.

JMH logo design
Tree by logo designer SPD

Speech bubbles from the Logo Desiign

The logo is made Soft Graphics

The end result: a logo that although simple has been made up of component parts that can be used to other marketing elements. The tree can be used as an logo, but also each element from the tree can be used as an icon on its own. For example, we used the speech bubbles from the tree to highlight the Quote of the Week section on the website.

This design is just one of many branding project we have produced for our clients. Our design genres are truly diverse, ranging from fashion branding to beer packaging to the education sector.

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Homepage of the JMH Website

Project Completed February 2015

The Website Design

We applied the same theory of calm to the design of website, using soft lines and tinted flat colours. The site is small and very simple in both structure and design, with clear navigation and a deliberately conservative layout. The logo sitting centrally in the header and the soft curve for the footer, give a soft framework to the pages.

The reason for the site’s simplicity was two-fold: firstly and most importantly to ensure an easy and calming user-experience, and secondly to bring the project to completion within a reasonable budget. As a small business, JMH wanted to start with a small website, but be able to add pages and functionality at a later date should they wish to. Built in WordPress, the website is very flexible and scalable and so ideal for a small business.

Our WordPress Template

We built this site using our bespoke template that is responsive, meaning the design adapts to any screen size: mobile, tablet and desktop. By using our template we are able to offer website design for company’s who have a smaller budget in mind.

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