Online Brochure for Valnet

Online Brochure for The Value Network

The Value Network offers workshops and coaching to enable business people, their teams, and the organisations they serve to improve their connection skills. One of their key resources is their brochure and they wanted to make it available online through their website. So our job was firstly to design and build their website, and then to design their brochure and publish it online. The digital format meant we could get creative, captivating our audience with interactive features, animations and call to actions.

Cover of Brochure

Brochure Double Page Spread

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How we published the brochure online

We used a piece of software called 3d Issue. This allowed us to created a self-hosted online interactive brochure, from a converted PDF file. The content was viewable on all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile.

Functionality included animated page turning, a zoom function and the ability to jump between chapters. The brochure could also be printed out by the user.

We had a direct link to the brochure from a button on the website, as well as a form where users could share the brochure by emailing to their colleagues. This was a specific feature the client asked for, providing him with a way to capture email addresses of interested leads. So to do this we asked the user to submit their email address, and in return they where sent a link to the brochure.

You can view the online brochure here.

The brochure design

When designing for a digital format, there are few things you need to consider. You must ensure that the choice of font views well in all browsers. Some fonts may look great on an Apple screen, but degrade poorly when viewed on a PC. You must also remember that colours will vary slightly from monitor to monitor, so testing is a vital part of the design process. Another key factor that is often over-looked is the font size. It’s best practice to ensure the text is easy to read without relying on the zoom function.

The website design

As with all our sites, the website was responsive, adapting fluidly to any screen size. The design itself was smart and simple, with muted colour ways and simple graphics.  Find out more about the web design services we offer

Project completed May 2015