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Our starting point for our design for this online portfolio, was to create a website where the photographer’s work took centre stage at all times. To achieve this, we created a minimalist design template that is clean and understated. The colour palette is deliberately muted with tones of grey, the typeface is a clean, sans serif font and the website structure itself is simple yet elegant.

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The Challenges Raised by Online Portfolios

Despite this website’s apparent simplicity, we had many challenges to over-come when coding this site. The first was how to ensure the site was responsive, working seamlessly on any device: mobile, tablet and desktop. This was a particular challenge when viewing the full-page portfolio pages on mobile and tablet, as we wanted the images to re-centre according to the orientation in which they were viewed – landscape or portrait.

Sarah’s portfolio has over 100 photographs, so our second problem was how to maintain a fast download speed on website with so much content. To solve this, we used ‘lazy loading’, which allowed us to defer loading of images until the point at which they are actually viewed. This makes the site more efficient and allows users to view the portfolio without the interruption of waiting for images to load.

We also optimised the images for particular screen sizes, ie. smaller images are viewed on mobile and larger images are served up for desktop users.

Project Completed January 2014