Logo Design

Outlier Logo Design

We joined the steampunk revolution with the logo design for this craft lager. The name ‘Outlier’ reflects the lager itself: it falls outside the expected ‘values’ many associate with other lagers and offers a unique and intriguing drinking experience.

Outlier’s personality is both traditional and futuristic, so for the logo design we took our inspiration from the steampunk genre: an era where Victorian designs demonstrated optimistic ideals of the future and challenged traditional values.

Logo on Sales Presenter

Pump Clip With Outlier Design

Sketch from Outlier Design

The logo design Process

The logo design was originated from a simple san serif font. From the basic word ‘Outlier’ we then sketched out the artwork, adding twists and turns, forming it into a more embellished piece of typography. Once we had created the final typographic structure, we added layers of texture and colour with a pinch of ornament and decoration for a vintage Victorian style.

The finished logo was applied to bottle labels, font badges, drip mats and a sales presenter.

The Chevallier Brewing Co. logo design

Outlier is one of the craft lagers under the Chevallier Brewing Co. brand – another exciting logo design project we had the privilege to produce. See how we developed the Chevallier Brewing Co. brand design.

Project Completed August 2012