Pharmaceutical Logo Design for Chemistree

The brief for this project was to update the original Chemistree logo with a new incarnation that was fresher and more modern, whilst retaining the brand’s original pink colour and ‘tree’ idea. Pharmaceutical logo design can often look harsh, but we wanted something softer. The concept for the new tree logo was to create something organic, fluid and almost cellular. So the curvaceous overlapping tint work using the original pink, combined with some complementary colours was well received by the client.

Pharmaceutical Logo Design

We looked at the typography, opted for a cleaner serif typeface, softned the original black text to a dark grey and re-drew the tree.

As well as a full-colour logo, we wanted to create a black and white version, so the client had logo options to fit any print criteria – anything from a full-colour brochure to a newspaper advert. We supplied brand guidelines detailing fonts, colours (CMYK and RGB) and how the logo should be used. We also gave the client the original logo files for them to keep safely – something companies often overlook!

The Website Design

The website is simple by design, but it had a job-vacancy system that was quite complicated. The old system needed updating and we were able to provide a better search function, including a map that showed the vacancy locations.

The client used a customer relationship management (CRM) system, to manage their vacancies in the office. We linked the site up with this system, so that once new jobs were added, updated or deleted, the website would automatically sync with the database and show the new vacancies. This saved the client valuable time, as they no longer had to keep two separate systems up to date. In addition, each vacancy allowed the user to apply for the role whilst their details and CV were automatically sent to the client.

Project Completed June 2016