Proceed Group SAP Data Management Website

Proceed Group are SAP data management specialists, who operate on a global scale. They needed a website that truly reflected their standing in their area of business: one that established their credentials as leaders, not followers. Our job was to create a cutting-edge website that embraced the latest web trends and functionality. In addition, we had to fully optimise the site, which also involved our SEO and copywriting services.









Proceed SAP Page

Search Page

The brief from the client was to make sure the site wasn’t static – that it had a contemporary feel and high-end functionality. They wanted an exciting visual appeal that clearly placed them at the forefront of digital arena.

So, the landing page has a full-screen video – something that requires careful developer skills to ensure download speeds are kept as fast as possible. We also added animated statistic graphics that count up as you view the page. News and events feeds also helped us create a dynamic feel, and in turn answered the brief by way of making up-to-date content clearly visible to the user.

When designing the proceed group website, we decided to take a different approach to our normal website build. Proceed is an international tech company who work with some of the top blue-chip tech companies in the world. We therefore decided (with the client) we would make the site look more like and APP as apposed to a traditional brochure website – a full screen experience.

This website is vast, with a huge site map that will continue to grow, so it was important that the navigation was able to deal with multiple levels of content and long page names.

To address this, we used a side-menu, something that solved the scale/ future-proof problem and also complimented our ‘app’ design feel.

The Proceed Group host on many events each month, and it was important that people could easily sign and get clear information about where the events were to be held and when. In order to manage this, the client needed to be able to add new events to the site. So, we created a customised events system that allowing them to add events easily and show a Google map for the location of the event. It was also important that we coded the site so that and once the event had passed it would be automatically taken off the event feed (so client did not have to go in and delete them).

As the site is so large, it has a lot of frequently asked questions, so to help the user to find what they needed, we introduced search function. In keeping with our design style, this function was made to look slick and ‘app-like’.

In terms of the SEO, we had a huge challenge, as we were working with such a large site and in such a niche field. Clever manipulation of traditional SEO processes enabled us to keep rankings high without detracting from the core message of each page. We conducted keyword research and them wrote the content of each page so it flowed well with a consistent tone of voice. This also fed into the PDF brochure downloads from the site.

All-in-all, this project was a team effort. One that truly shows our skills in design, web development, SEO and copywriting.

Project Completed December 2015