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Zander Search are a recruitment agency, who provide executive search and talent management services to financial service and business advisory industries on a global scale. Our job was to design a new recruitment website that was simple, subtle and yet stylish, pitching Zander Search as specialists in their field, attracting hi-end clients and firms.

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We wanted the site’s layout to be different from the norm, and we took our inspiration from Zander’s branding – the angles from their ‘Z’. With this in mind we were able to create pages that interweaved imagery with text and tonal areas in a seamless and elegant way.

The imagery was vital to the overall look of the design: a careful choice shows employees in stunning architecture, and selective location stills suggest global links; London, New York and beyond. All designed to engage and inspire potential recruitment candidates.

Whilst this recruitment website, might look simple, the coding and design was pretty complex as we had to build the site responsively, whilst still ensuring the angles remained consistent and the job title boxes aligned with the staff imagery.

The website is a bespoke design, yet built in WordPress, which means the client can easily edit and update text and images. The idea behind the design is to have images with job titles pointing to employees, thus reinforcing the recruitment message. With clever coding we were able to make the job titles on the images dynamic, so they can be changed by the client. Within the website, they also change position depending on the screen size they are viewed on: desktop, tablet or mobile. As with all the websites we design and build, we try and give our clients maximum editing capabilities, whilst ensuring a highly creative, bespoke and unique design.

Project Completed March 2016