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Baroosh Restaurant Design Templates

These are just a few of the Baroosh Restaurant design templates we have produced for McMullen (who own Baroosh). They are A board posters that sit on the pavement outside the venue, promoting anything from events and new menus to offers and seasonal promotions.

Wood fired pizza design template for Baroosh

Let's share poster: yellow graphic design of plates with promotional copy

Cocktails design template: promotional text with image of a cocktail on a bar in the background

16 Years poster design template for Baroosh

Secret Garden poster design template for Baroosh

Friday Bubbles restaurant design template for Baroosh

Something New typographic poster design template for Baroosh

Baroosh Menu design template for Baroosh

Typographic Burger design template for Baroosh

Restaurant Design Templates

In terms of ‘design templates’ these posters conform to a specific size and they use a suite of ‘house’ fonts: Bebas Neue and Bickham Script Pro. Other than that, we (Shaun Power Design) are encouraged to push the designs in any creative direction we think appropriate, as long as the overall look adheres to the Baroosh brand: premium quality, modern and design-aware.

As with all design work, the A boards must be visually engaging. Typography takes centre stage: using the beautiful swooshes of the script font against the punchiness of the sans serif can achieve interesting shapes. Add to the mix fun graphics or mouth-watering food images, and (if done correctly) you end up with punchy, informative and beautiful piece of artwork. Of course, legibility is all important. A succinct message with a call to action is always included. Often posters tie in with new menus that we have already produced the artwork for.

Other Design Work for Pubs and Restaurants

We have also been fortunate to have been commissioned to produced branding for other McMullen pubs and restaurants, such as the Peahen, St Albans and Spice of Life, London.

If you are interested in design for print or branding work for your company, please contact us.

Projects Completed 2016 -2017