Two menus on a dark wood background

Restaurant Menu Design for McMullen

Christmas came early, when we got a call from McMullen to design the 2015 Christmas menus for their Baroosh and Chicken & Grill restaurants — and we have since gone on to produce menus design projects for a number of their bars and restaurants, including The Spice of Life in Soho and the Nags Head, Covent Garden. As designers, we have huge admiration for the McMullen brands. We love their unique approach and attention to detail, not just in their graphic design, but also in the interior design and build of the restaurants themselves. They seem to have a fresh approach to design: one that leads rather than follows. An ideal we rather admire!

Baroosh winter menu cover with leaf illustration

Autumn menu with leaf design

Mauve watercolour menu design with a wood-cut illustration of a stag as a logo for The Stag

Purple woodcut illustration of stag

Inside of menu

Cream menu for the Nags Head, with 'hello'

Jade polka dot cocktails and wine menu design

Baroosh Restaurant Menu Design Christmas 2013

The brief from the marketing team gave us sense of the direction they wanted us to go in, a visual snapshot of the menu design style required – bold graphic icons. It was our job to interpret this brief and produce creative options that captured the essence of the desired style and brought the design direction to life combining festive icons with the softer Baroosh typography.

We were given guidance as to the size and mechanic of the menu, in this case A3 folded to DL. We were also given a rough guide to the content: a first draft of the menus, details to go on the booking form and the terms and conditions.

The design process for the menus was pretty easy. The marketing team made clear decisions and we were in agreement that they plumped for the design routes we favoured too.

So our biggest challenge, was how to fit the vast amount of information into each side of the menu. We needed to retain a beautiful design where customers could savour each mouth-watering dish available, whilst ensuring basic instructions of how to book for a party of people – each requiring different meal options was also simple, clear and concise. By adopting the same attention to styling to the booking form as we did the rest of the menu, we hope we achieved a design that looked good and worked well from all angles. Our aim was to design a layout that was both easy to read and easy on the eye!

Baroosh graphics featured on the menu

Series of green and purple Christmas tree icons.

Festive Feast script typography

Baroosh Christmas Menu Design

Inside the Menu

Chicken & Grill Restaurant Menu Design

This menu design style was somewhat plainer with a bolder colour palette and simpler typographic style.

The menu itself was an A3 sheet that would be rolled up and sealed with a sticker. The piece catered for two menus: Christmas Day and Christmas Fayre, and there were separate dishes for children. This again created the challenge of how we should order the information within a limited space, in a way that was clear and easy for customers to understand.

Once completed, we transposed the menu into a digital version to be used online. We also designed banners with bespoke sizes for each venue, as well as a suite of posters to promote the festive season.

Alongside these menu designss, we have also produced a number of restaurant design templates for Baroosh.

Menu Design for McMullen's Chicken & Grill

Children's Menu Design for McMullen's Chicken and Grill

Projects Completed November 2013