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The Birch Restaurant Website Design

As with all restaurant website design, the focus of this site for The Birch, Woburn was to provide a marketing platform that was both engaging and functional. This project included re-branding the restaurant and creating a custom-built site that was easy for the client to use: they can add posts with the latest news & events and share them on social media. The site also includes online bookings forms and editable menus, and an online shop to promote loyalty cards and vouchers.

Plate of food with The Birch logo on top
Green and black exterior A Frame with The Birch logo

Soft focus image of a cheesecake dessert on a white plate

Website homepage shown on tablet on a dark wooden background

The About Us page from the website viewed on a tablet on a dark wooden background

Restaurant Website Design with a Difference

The ability to update content such as menus and contact information, and to add blog posts is a given with most websites, however we sought to design a website with beauty and character — a bubbly, inspiring social hub rather than just a bland marketing tool.

A key ingredient of the site is the lush photography taken by a former designer from the Shaun Power team, Stephen Beasley. The food, interior and detail shots capture the heart of the restaurant and its delicious cuisine. On the homepage, the food takes centre stage as full-screen carousel of images, and interior detail shots punctuate the rest of the site.

Easy to Use CMS Equals an Easy to Update Site

With a WordPress back-end, this website (as with all our sites) is very easy for clients to manage. News, offers and events can easily be posted and shared on social media and menus can be uploaded fast and efficiently.  We also added a menu builder, allowing the client to add menus which work responsively and no need for designers to provide PDF files.

This restaurant website design is also very easy for end-users. As a mobile-friendly responsive site, it works seamlessly across all screen sizes and devices. Our scrutiny to image sizes and CMS mean the site loads quickly too. We programmed the site to only load specifically sized images to suit the device, saving on data for the end-user whilst on their mobile phones.

Table Management and Online booking

The site integrates with The Birches in-house table booking system, OpenTable. This allows the user to find out availability of tables in real time, which saves time for the user as they don’t have to phone the pub and find out availability of tables. They can also easily cancel a booking if needed. As bookings are automated, staff hours are reduced on bookings allowing more time for other tasks!

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a big revenue stream for the restaurant and had previously had only been sold through staff in-house. Although this method worked, it consumed extra hours and did not maximise sales. We added a shop to the site, using allowing the easy sale of gift vouchers of varying values to be brought online. From this, the restaurant has seen an upturn in gift voucher sales.

How can we help you?

We have years of experience in restaurant website design, here are some examples of other restaurant websites we have designed and built. Rosa’s Thai Café, and Lao Café. We have also worked extensively for McMullen producing menu designs and restaurant design templates for posters.

If you are looking for a website for your restaurant, please get in touch.

Project Completed July 2014