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Savour Beer is a brewing company founded in 2013. It operates within the craft beer/micro-brewery sector of the UK beer industry, taking influences from Belgian brewing and beer culture. Their target audience are those with discerning tastes and looking for something outside of the mundane. Their original labels were not generating the interest this quality beer deserved, so our job was to create a label design more in line with the brand vision – a label with personality, that was more engaging as something aspirational and desirable.

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Saison Beer Label

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The Label Beer Label Designs

The vast majority of beer consumed in the UK is lager produced by the multinationals. Route to market, distribution and pricing makes it difficult for smaller producers to gain a foothold in the market. Although ‘Micro’ or ‘Craft’ beer is growing, Savour didn’t want to simply pigeonhole their beer in the ‘craft beer’ category. It is Savour’s belief that beer has the same quality, provenance and beauty as any wine or spirit and in this light, should be treated with the same reverence. They are driven by altering and raising the position of beer in society.

To help raise this perception, they produced a range of sparkling brut beers in 750ml champagne style bottles and the larger 6L Methuselah bottles. These were produced in addition to their core range.

In terms of the beer label design, we began with their core range: Saison, Blonde and Dubbel. We wanted to remove the over-masculine image of beer, making the label design more inclusive to female drinkers. The design was slightly irreverent with leanings towards a ‘craft’ feel. The bold typography give a distinctive look and feel, hinged around a strong ‘S’ – the new logo for the Savour brand.

We then developed the design into more premium territory for their sparkling brut label design, with a more subtle take on the typography and colourways and the use of foils and neck labels.

Project Completed July 2014