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Web design is often described as ‘bespoke’. It’s a term all too often banded around to describe websites that often fall short of being unique or in fact in tune with the client’s brand. Tsunami Axis, based in London, has a strong brand that centres around their axis graphic. The design of this site is truly bespoke; taking design cues from the axis graphic of the Tsunami logo and combining it with subtle webs effects and functions; hover states, scroll transitions and sharp lines.

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Tsunami Axis, London Web Design

Tsunami Axis had used Weebly, a drag and drop website builder, to create their previous website. Whilst this served its purpose to give them a web presence, it did not allow them to create an engaging or customised experience that set them apart from their competition. This is where we came in. Our bespoke web design aligned the new site with the client’s branding, creating a visually strong and impactful web presence.

As with all our clients, we built this site to be as fast as possible for users. We used several techniques to improve loading times, such as achieving animations through code rather than graphics. A website has to download each graphic it displays separately and this can slow loading times. By using code instead of graphics, we can dramatically improve the speed and performance of a site. For example, the axis lines on the video and service blocks on the home page are all created and animated in code rather than relying on images.

Where images are used, we have used techniques to ensure they are optimized for speed too. We only serve up the right size of image for the device being used — there is no need for someone on a mobile phone to be downloading a massive desktop image. In doing this improve speed and also the user’s data allowance with their network provider.

We also ‘lazy load’ image content, so content “below the fold” (this refers to the area of a web page that is only visible after scrolling) comes in in a low resolution format with the higher resolution being swapped in when the user scrolls down to it.

The Project Page

Tsunami Axis have clients throughout London and the UK, so their projects span many industries and locations. It was therefore important that users could easily filter the project pages to view by relevance to specific sector and place: London, Edinburgh, UK or International. So, we created a bespoke, dynamic filtering system, allowing users to filter projects to the relevant sectors and locations. Our web design used custom categories within the CMS (content management system), thus enabling the client to easily add new sectors, locations and other information.

This is one of many projects we have completed for companies in London. Indeed, we were recommended to Tsunami Axis by another one of our clients, LOM architects. We also have experience designing in the restaurant sector for Rosa’s Thai Café chain. If you have a design project you would like us to look at, please get in touch.

Project completed July 2017