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We were asked by TUS Accountancy to create a bespoke website that fitted their brief: responsive, creative, something different from the ‘norm’, but not so far removed that their customers would feel uneasy or find the site difficult to use. They wanted a smooth transition from their old site to their new one, a transition that wouldn’t confuse or unsettle, but one that would enhance their customers’ user experience.

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Another key requirement was that they wanted a website that they could update and edit themselves – perhaps doing some SEO work at a later stage. This was not a problem for us, as we build the majority of our websites in WordPress – a open source content management system (CMS), that allows as much or as little client editing as required, without compromising on the site’s design and styling. Clients do not need to know about HTML or CSS coding, WordPress provides a simple interface where content (images and text) can be added and edited easily.

Don’t be fooled by thinking WordPress websites mean boring templates that everyone uses. Whilst using the WordPress CMS, we (Shaun Power Design) can design and build fully bespoke sites – this site shaunpower.com site is in fact a WordPress site! You wouldn’t think so, because we are website developers who can write our own HTML and CSS / JavaScript to make the site into something truly unique and amazing to look at.

Using WordPress as a basis for the website, allows us to build on top of a solid CMS, tap into a wealth of resources and plug-ins. There are a lot of add-ons available that will easily transform your website into a online shop and much more. Making sure your website is future-proof and easy to be upgraded as your business grows

In addition WordPress has a well-supported online community, with over 16% of websites globally built using WordPress.

The Website Design

We wanted to design a site that embraced the latest transitional effects, hover states and parallax movements, but used them in a subtle way so as not to overwhelm or get in the way the site’s purpose/ messages. This is an accountant’s website. Clients do not want to see some ‘whacky’ site with graphics flying around causing confusion. They need to see a site that is grounded, offering reassurance and professionalism. With this in mind, we designed the site with simplicity and subtlety at the forefront of our minds. Our use of animations was very graceful and contained, ensuring they enhanced the site rather than get in the way of its content.

Project Completed September 2015