Yummy Gummy heralds our first step into the world of fashion brand design, with a new logo and website. Formed by designer and producer Rebecca Allsop, Yummy Gummy produces creative bespoke sheet latex for fashion designers. We wanted the brand to reflect the quirky, fun quality of Rebecca’s latex, so the design is soft, rounded and playful. We also created the ‘YG’ monogram in its various forms, using Rebecca’s tantalising fashion shots! We also produced A5 flyers that feature the monogram.

Image of Yummy Gummy Logo

Yummy Gummy Monogram

Yummy Gummy Image

YG Image

Latex Dress

Close Up F ace Behind YG

Our next project for Rebecca is to develop a shop for the website, for her to sell her sheet latex online – so watch this space. In the meantime, if you are interested in online e-commerce shops, you can check out the one we designed for Benzina.

Project completed January 2013